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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Use It or Lose It

It's interesting how many sayings or catch phrases society thinks it came up with that in reality, have their origins in scripture. "Those who have understanding will be given more. But those who do not have understanding, even what they have will be taken away from them." -Mark 4:25 (Use it or lose it). I could list several others, but that's for another note. :-)

What I want to share here is my reaction to this particular verse. To be quite honest, it scares me. I have understanding of many things, but I don't always put that understanding into practice. I understand that it would be good for my soul to rise up early and spend time in the Word. I understand that it would be good for my body to avoid certain foods and exercise every morning. I mull that understanding around in my brain as I lie in my comfy bed justifiying why I'm still in it. "I'm so tired and my poor old body is sore", I whine to the voice in my head telling me to get up. More times than not I end up falling back asleep and finally getting up an hour later with the sun streaming through my window and kids demanding attention. The opportunity to put my understanding into action passed me by. I allowed the window to close. Not only did I ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit, but I failed to use the knowledge that He's given me. That, my friends, is a pure and simple lack of wisdom. Wisdom is putting your knowledge and understanding into practice. I WANT to do that. I WANT to be wise and follow every leading of the Spirit, I really do. I suffer from a severe case of the age old battle between flesh and spirit, and too many times I allow the flesh to win. I allow my aching joints and arthritic neck and back to determine my level of obedience really. How pathetic is that?! I know in my spirit that as a child of God, I am called to rise above my circumstances and when I do, God is there to help me. I've testified to that before, how God helps me do so many things in a day in spite of physical limitations. When I finally do get moving, He is always faithful to meet me and help me.

So, why is that first step so difficult? Why is getting out of bed in the morning one of the hardest things I do all day? I don't really know yet. :-) What I do know is that I don't want to lose what little understanding and wisdom I have. I need to do what I understand is the thing I should do. I need to be the person He is calling me to be and use the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that He has given me so that He can give me more. I need to use it so I don't lose it, and in Him I know I can. Amen!

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