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Monday, January 24, 2011

Solid as The Rock

As I was praying this morning, I asked the Lord to make us all (all His children) as solid as The Rock we stand upon. I had been thinking earlier about all the things I say I want to do and never do. All the changes I talk about making, but never make. It's all just talk and no action. I don't want to be like that. I want to worship God in spirit and in truth. I don't think it honors God to just talk about being a better person or to just talk about doing something better. I don't want to just be a hearer (or a talker), I want to be a doer.

I'm supposed to be a representation of Christ here on earth, His ambassador. I represent the kingdom. What does it say about the kingdom when I'm lazy, or I constantly procrastinate.......or say I'm going to do something and don't do it. I don't believe that's a good or accurate representation. Jesus was not lazy and He was a man of His word. The kingdom is not a place of chaos and double-mindedness. The Word specifically speaks against those things. I realize I'm not Jesus and I have limitations, and I also realize that the Spirit of the living God dwells within me and provides me with everything I need to live a godly life. Faithfulness and self-control are two things that come standard with the Holy Spirit. All I have to do is use them. Like the stereo in my car, if I never turn it on it will never play music, but it's there. The potential and the capability are all there waiting to be utilized. There's really no excuse, no legitimate excuse anyway, as to why I can't be more God-honoring in the way I live my life. I need to be honest and not say I'll do something if I know I can't or won't really do it. That's pretty simple, really. The trick is to actually do what I honestly say I will do. Rebuke the spirit of laziness, take captive the thoughts of procrastination ("Oh, I can do that later.") and be a woman of integrity. Excellence and integrity are characteristics of Jesus. That's the kind of person I want to be, a person of excellence and integrity. Solid as a rock....The Rock upon which I stand. For His glory, Amen!

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