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Monday, March 14, 2011

Protection from Pride

God teaches the humble His ways. That's what Psalm 25:9 tells us. The whole issue of pride has always been a big one for me. Years ago I asked the Lord to rid me of the sickening characteristic. I had no idea the process would be so painful. The pain continues today and I don't wonder if the Lord allows it to continue to protect me from the pride He has so painfully extracted from me. I still have my moments when I like to think I'm all that, but I know better really. Nothing good that's happened to me has been my own doing. Nothing that I've accomplished has been through my efforts alone, and no good that I ever do will be solely because of me and my hard work. My limitations are not only mental and emotional, but physical as well. I literally can't get out of bed every day without the grace of God. Some people who know of my limitations, marvel at how much I do in spite of them. I have to give God all the glory because none of it would be even possible without Him.

Father , I pray that You would remove this thorn from my flesh, yet if it is what's needed to keep me humble and teachable to Your ways, then leave it. I would so much rather be in pain, but humble than healed and prideful. Thy will be done, Father, on earth as it is in heaven, Amen!

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  1. This is a classic example of how God's ways are far Higher than our's... We often say that pride is good.. No coincidence that a group of lion's is referred to as a "Pride".. What do they do..? Seek, Kill & Destroy.... What do Sheep do..? Follow Humbly. Thanks Brenda- for reminding me that He will do whatever He needs to, to keep me next to him..