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Brenda :-)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thank You, Jesus!

Thank You, Jesus, for fully understanding me in a world where I am so easily misunderstood.

Thank You for loving me unconditionally when this world puts so many conditions on its mere acceptance of me.

Thank You for judging me fairly because You see the intentions of my heart while this world sees only what it wants to see.

Thank You for curing me of my need for approval by reminding me that Yours is the only approval I really need and I've had it all along.

You saved me, You've blessed me more than I could ever deserve, and You've loved me in spite of myself.

You are worthy of so much more than I could ever give you, yet You give me more than I could ever be worthy of.

Thank You, Jesus, for loving me fully in a world where love is so incomplete!

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