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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mindful of Us

Mindful (Psalm 8:4) Strong's Number: 02142 - Zakar (zaw-kar') Verb
Definition: to remember, recall, call to mind

God is mindful of us - you and me. He didn't create us then move on to creating something else and forget about us. He recalls us and remembers us. He calls us to His mind. He has so many thoughts of us that we could never count them (Psalm 40:5). His thoughts are of each of us individually, not just mankind as a whole. He knows how many hairs are on my head according to Matthew 10:29-30. He knows how many hairs are on YOUR head. How amazing is that?! My husband and I are pretty close, but we have no idea how many hairs are on each others' heads. God knows us so intimately that I don't think we can truly fathom it. It's comforting to me, when I think no one understands what I'm going through and I'm tempted to feel alone, to know that God knows it all. I am not alone because GOD knows what I'm going through. He sees, He knows, He has a plan. I love a man with a plan! It gives me hope to know that what I go through in this life is not for nothing. Better yet, it fits into some divine plan. That is such an awesome thought to me and gives me such a sense of purpose. I don't believe that anything in my life is too big or too small for God. He can use it all!

God thinks of me, knows me better than anyone else ever could, knows all that I go through in life, and will use it all for His purposes. Thank You, Father, for that hope, sense of purpose, and assurance. You are awesome!

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