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Thursday, July 21, 2011

El Olam

I am fascinated by the Hebrew language and the names of God, in particular. So, I'm loving this part of my daily reading plan. The name we're studying today is El Olam. This name for God is very interesting. The word "olam" comes from another word that literally means "to be hidden" and speaks of something that cannot be seen or perceived. Some scholars refer to "olam" as the vanishing point.

It's like when we look out to the horizon and cannot see any further. That "vanishing point" is the limit of our sight and perception. There are actually many vanishing points in our lives; places where we reach our limit as to what we can see or do. God, on the other hand, IS that place and can see it all. El Olam picks up where we leave off and not only can He see it all, but He controls it all. And you know what else? He loves and cares about us. The One who sees it all and controls it all, has our best interests at heart. All those terrible things that we fear are just over the horizon, the things we dread and have no control over (and probably won't happen anyway) are in the hands of our loving and gracious Heavenly Father.

When we give Christ control over our lives, we become a child of God. When we become a child of God nothing comes to us without God's permission. We have the advantage of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-on our side Heavenly Father who allows trials for our benefit. I find great comfort in that and stand in awe of my amazing Abba Father who knows and sees, and operates in love. He stands at the vanishing point, El Olam, and controls what comes over my horizon. Hallelujah!

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